Addy Lubin

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It was in working with the Institute that I became educated on how my body could operate optimally and how a lot of diseases are really a function of lifestyle, and so lifestyle changes can reverse them.

I was pre-diabetic and deficient in a few areas hormonally. In addition, I was suffering from grief-induced depression and anxiety. Once I changed my eating, exercise, supplements and spiritual habits my conditions improved.

Even more remarkably, my teenage child was diagnosed with depression and the traditional doctors immediately wanted to put her on Prozac. Nurse Practitioner Osorio did the most thorough lab work on her that I had ever experienced, and found that her depression was being caused by a hormonal imbalance. We got her on supplements and she has recovered well. As a matter of fact, her therapist just closed her case because of how well she is doing now.

Thank God for holistic medicine and those who are not afraid to practice it.