Sharline Rossman

Patient Care Coordinator/Front Desk

Sharline is a 19 year old born and raised Floridian with roots from Nicaragua, Jamaica and Scotland. She is a college student currently striving for a degree in Business Management and Administration. She is creative and full of light. She speaks, reads, and writes in both English and Spanish. In her free time she enjoys reading, painting, cooking, and helping with children and animals. She is a very grounded person with strong connections to the earth and nature.

As a person who personally feared the medical realm she has now become exposed to the holistic and aesthetics side of said world. This has changed her perspective and created a sense of appreciation for the time and effort that medical professionals can and should put into helping someone. Helping others and easing their worries is a strong passion of hers. She is so grateful to be a part of the Institute and to help you in your journey to a more optimal life. Lastly, her motto is as a beautiful person once said “treat people with kindness”, these words are a reminder to always be kind to others and especially yourself.