Desire Sculpt Serum


Exclusive combination of purified peptides for cell repair, working synergisticallyon dierent cell pathways on advanced aging signs. The serum for beautiful mature skin.

  • Superior control over the hallmarks of aging.
  • Substantial benefits for mature skin while helping to correct advanced damage.
  • Immediate tightening action and plumping effects with continuous use.


This serum is made with DensylRepair™ technology, an ingredient complex that helps maintain skin structure and density as it acts on the skin fiber support of the extracellular matrix. This formula combines hyaluronic acid, amino acids, Instensyl® and Telosomyl®, active substances that hydrate and help restore vigor as well as boosting the feel of skin elasticity and brightness. The result is rejuvenated and positively radiant skin.


  • Antioxidant and neuroprotective effect
  • Increases cellular longevity protecting telomere shortening
  • Stimulates natural intracellular purifying process while reinforcing the skin barrier and self-regeneration

Active Ingredients

  • TensylTech™ | Flaxseed reverse polyosides, neuroprotective peptides, encapsulated L-ornitine and cross-linking technology polymer
  • DensylRepair™ | Calcium hydroxyl methionine combined with homotaurine, red algae extract, cell detoxificator and purified oligogalactomananas
  • HWHA as vehicle

Skin Care Regimen

Dispense 1 to 2 drops in the palm of the hand and apply to face while massaging gently with circular movements. It can be used in conjunction with Precious Elixir Infusion by mixing one or two drops of each product in the palm of your hand.  1-2 drops, once a day (AM or PM)

Dropper bottle instructions:

Turn the lid carefully counterclockwise. Press the dropper button to activate and draw the product into the delivery tube. To release the product, press the button a second time. Repeat these steps until you have the desired number of drops.


Do not use this product if you are sensitive to any of its ingredients. It has been carefully formulated to minimize any type of skin allergy