Our Story

The Institute for Optimal Healing and Aesthetics was founded in January 2020 by Bertha Osorio-Campbell after she was laid off her nurse practitioner position for wanting to offer more to her patients. Realizing that she would never find a place of employment that would allow her the autonomy to practice medicine the way she wanted to, she decided to take the leap and go 100% on her own. What she didn’t know was that the COVID-19 pandemic was about to rock the entire world. When it did hit, Ms. Campbell offered COVID-19 concierge services that included testing, IV Vitamin Infusions, and caring for COVID-19 positive patients in their home to prevent hospitalization. It was a labor of love, and she did it despite the lack of PPE’s or proper safety protocols. During the lockdown she helped over 250 patients in the comfort of their own homes and that was the beginning of The Institute’s journey.

When the world finally opened its doors again, she began to offer aesthetic services like Botox, Fillers, and PRP Hair Restoration. In December 2021, she purchased the Cutera XEO to grow her services and provide a variety of new laser treatments. By March of 2021, Ms. Campbell began welcoming clients to her new state-of-the-art facility after a grand opening at the location in Oakland Park, Florida.

Our Mission, Vision, & Core Values

We seek to transform lives by helping people achieve optimal health inside and out by reforming the mind, body, and spirit. We strive to inspire patients using a holistic approach to medicine to get to the root cause of their health problems and a cosmetic approach to aesthetics to enhance their natural beauty and correct blemishes so they can live longer, healthier, happier, and spirit-filled lives. We seek to create a culture and environment that represent the following core values:

GENUINENESS – to act in a manner that is true to who we are
HEALTH – to be physically well and healthy in all aspects of life
FAITHFULNESS – to be loyal and true in relationships
MINDFULNESS – to live conscious and mindful of the present moment
SERVICE – to be of service to others
GROWTH – to keep changing and growing
CONTRIBUTION – to make a lasting contribution in the world