Optimal VIP Membership Club

Our VIP Clubs are exclusive memberships that offer:

A way to save on your favorite aesthetic services and products that the Institute offers!

Aesthetics VIP Membership For Mens and Womens

Your Optimal Aesthetics VIP Membership fee applies to your account to be used towards anything in our office! Benefits include:
10% OFF All Services
20% OFF All Skin Care Products
Priority Booking
Priority Access to Flash Sales
Bundle Discounts & Laser Package Discounts

You will also receive exclusive deals and gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays! And, your account credits do not expire.


$99.00 initial setup plus $149.00 per month for 12 months ($1,887.00 total)

A better way of healing by finding the root cause of any health issue!

Optimal Healing VIP Membership For Womens

Included in your Optimal Healing VIP Membership is the following:
Comprehensive initial visit with Nurse Practitioner to formulate plan, with a review of systems including comprehensive history.
Meeting with either the Nurse Practitioner or the Health Coach every 6 weeks.
All Benefits from the Aesthetics VIP Membership!

Labs , diagnostic testing and supplements are not included in the monthly membership, but are discounted.


$399.00 initial setup plus $199.00 per month for 12 months ($2,787.00 total)

Commitment to an Optimal VIP Membership Club is for 1 year.
Your credit card is kept on file for the recurring payment.