Nicole Franchesca Varcasia

Nicole Franchesca Varcasia Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Nicole has had an interest in the medical field since her childhood, with encouragement from her father. In high school, she was an active member of the Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA). After graduation, she enrolled in Florida International University’s nursing program with the intention to further her education in nursing. But fate had other plans.

Nicole always considered herself somewhat “healthy”, health-conscious, and never had any severe health issues. But in 2016, she began to experience skin complications. She knew that her skin flaring up was a manifestation of an internal imbalance, and she was determined to find the root cause. She’d had her share of misunderstood symptoms and frustration with conventional medicine. Though discouraged and disheartened at the time, her health journey experience was a blessing in disguise, leading her to only go deeper in her research. It was the beginning of a new endeavor. In a matter of weeks, she was fully convinced that she wanted to broaden her holistic health education and make it her profession. Remarkably enough and not by coincidence, she’d been passionately curious about Integrative Medicine for several years. This led her to pursue a Master of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine and become a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.

Holistic health is more than a mere interest to Nicole; it is a way of life, a culture, a disciplined yet unconfined lifestyle. She likes to provide holistic healing awareness by reaching out to individuals and communities unfamiliar with functional and integrative medicine modalities. She strives to encourage people that they can be made whole, that they can be healed physically, mentally, and spiritually. She knows that her divine purpose is to serve those in need and to assist those affected by physical or mental illness. Nicole finds inexpressible fulfillment, meaning, and motivation in being able to make a positive impact on a person’s life. Her ultimate goal as a Health Coach at the Institute is to uplift, educate, and guide her patients as a messenger of hope and blessing to others.