NasalTox®, MicroTox®, & TheraTox™

NasalTox®, MicroTox®, TheraTox™ are advanced injection techniques taught exclusively through the InjectAbility® Institute. These specialized treatments use neuromodulators (such as Botox or Dysport) to provide patients with instant results in nose slimming, skin tightening, and myofascial pain relief.

Are you interested in slimming and smoothing your nose? NasalTox®️ is a nasal slimming technique that uses Botox for the narrowing, straightening, and/or contouring of your nose. As the most defining feature of the face, you can fix an aspect of your nose you may not like with NasalTox®️, the safe and non-surgical solution for subtle nose enhancement.

Looking for a smoother, tighter lift to your face, eyes, or neck? MicroTox® describes an innovative use for muscle relaxers that produces an instant tightening and lifting result. When injecting Botox or Dysport using this technique, the muscles respond
immediately with a skin retraction that is similar to a ‘shrink wrap’ effect. Your
skin will subsequently appear to be tighter and more compressed. With MicroTox®, fine lines will dissipate and crepiness can be eliminated.

Do you need instant relief to chronic pain? TheraTox™ treatment can address multiple areas of pain on the body using small amounts of FDA-approved neuromodulators like Botox. This injection technique works by blocking the calcitonin gene-related peptides (CGRPs) that cause inflammation and nerve pain. Once inflammation is decreased and pain receptors are mediated, the pain relieving effects of TheraTox™ can last from months to even years.

The NasalTox®️ Treatment

Recontours and slims nose.

Benefits of MicroTox®

Slims jawline, reduces jowls and ‘wattle’.

Softens crow’s feet and opens up eyes.

Lifts eyelids and brows.

Reduces under eye and cheek crepiness.

Decreases pore size for facial tightening.

Helps with facial flushing, or facial sweating.

Softens a pebbly chin.

Enhances the lips.

Tightens neck and décolletage.

Popular Areas for TheraTox™

Temporomandibular joint jisorders (TMJD)

Chronic migraines and tension headaches.

Upper neck and shoulder pain.

Lower back pain.

Piriformis syndrome / Sciatica pain.

Tennis elbow.

Carpel Tunnel / Median nerve pain.

Plantar Fascitis.

Trigger point pain.

When injecting neuromodulators using these techniques, your body responds immediately. No more waiting 3-7 days for your Botox to take effect, you will walk out of our office with the results you’re looking for! If you have any questions, please call 954-802-9835.