Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization

Hormone production changes start from age 30 onward, functioning at only 50% by age 50. A hormone imbalance in your body can create symptoms such as fatigue or exhaustion, cognitive decline, loss in muscle and bone mass, weight gain, sleep disturbances or insomnia, low libido, night sweats or hot flashes, and mood swings (including irritability, depression, or anxiety). Our Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization can help relieve these symptoms so that both men and women can age optimally!

Bio Identical Hormone Therapy Services

The main hormones to decline with age in women are progesterone at age 35 on, and estrogen at age 45 on. At age 50, both progesterone and estrogen decline together to cause menopause. Testosterone declines in men from the late 30’s onwards, causing andropause (male menopause). The hormones that decline with age in both male and females include DHEA (strength, sexual desire, immunity), melatonin (sleep, anti-cancer), pregnenolone (memory, concentration), growth hormone (joins, bones, skin, fat, cartilage), and thyroid hormone (metabolism, energy, body temperature, skin, hair, mental agility). Nutrient deficiencies, and glucose/insulin imbalances can also occur, causing weight gain.

So why should you restore your hormones to optimal levels? Well, optimizing your hormones can not only alleviate your symptoms, but it can also prevent degenerative medical conditions such as osteoporosis and coronary artery disease. These are good reasons to schedule your appointment today! For any questions, call 954-802-9835.